Oh, hello.

I didn’t see you there.

Yes, you’re right, I’m just posting for the first time in actual years, something that I’m proud to be old enough to legitimately say without it being hyperbole.

Im writing in reference to the claim that I could be studying for my exams, because the truth of the matter, conscience, is that yes I could be BUT I don’t want to.

Let me tell you why:

1. I probably absorbed it through the semester and at res school.

2. I’m the kind of asshole who is smart enough to scrape through without doing much. Like I’m a little bit ashamed that I know that about myself and that I’m okay with saying it but it’s a truth fact.

3. It’s too late now to study.

4. If I didn’t absorb it through the semester I’ll rehash it while I study.

5. It was too soon to study a few weeks ago.

6. Shit….

7. I know. I might fail. BUT! I might pass thereby reaffirming my laziness and procrastinating confidence.

8. Also I just issued my first invoice for a paid writing piece today so I feel like writing is a justified use of my time.

Till next time, sooner and with more poignant self deprecation.


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