an open letter to teeth.

I don’t like you very much at all.

I’m sure some day I may come around (such as e chewing her own food and the day the dentist says ‘nope, no fillings needed!’) but for now.. please push yourselves through the leafs gums and be done with it!

None of us are enjoying the cruel way you taunt my poor cherub. In, out, up, down, left, right. Etc. She cries, mama cries, papa sighs. Nanny says ‘This too shall pass.’
Rinse and repeat.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and we would like to get on with our jolling.

A Tired, Unwell, and Far Grumpier Than Usual Mama.


pavlova vs eton mess


Tomorrow is my grandmothers 70th birthday, but my aunty is having her first child (the 15th grandchild) so we celebrated yesterday.
I’m a culinary amateur (a common trend in my life post baby!), but quite taken with nigella lawson, media scandals notwithstanding.
Pavlova is the flavour of the month, and as I had a failure of a trial run, tonight we had eton mess.
I would have thrilled you all with a before shot of how delightfully appetizing it looked but everybody scoffed it down in the time it took me to bin the empty passion fruits.
So this is the aftermath!
(Incidentally my nan is the best person. Ever.)