it’s a thing.

or is it? perhaps it’s just another one of those things i’ve made up, thinking it’s a widespread phenomena when in reality we’re just weird.

this is our first christmas with a baby and as you can imagine, we’re terrible excited. e, not so much. as a result, everything we’ve bought her so far has been forced upon her, while we crowd in close and wait for the inevitable joy our gifts will bring.

jolly jumper – as mentioned in another post, e is thrilling us with a painfully long Wonder Week, wherein she isn’t particularly fond of being away from us. Dennis doesn’t make this any easier. come friday afternoon she’d have a hard time leaving his arms until sunday night, even if she wanted to. so despite the fact that she LOVES to jump, the infa-secure jolly jumper doesn’t make our little leaf very jolly unless she bumps into one of us every few seconds. she also spends a large portion of her time in there facing away from us staring up at that light in the hallway which is absoloutely FASCINATING, whether switched on or off. toys – schmoys! there is the possibility that she’s just not old enough.. but i have faith.

olivia the owl – a lamaze toy which attaches to pretty much anything, has crinkly leaves and jingly bells and rubber bits to gum to death, a reflecting surface and a cute little nose that sticks out and looks like it’s perfect for chewing on but falls out of your mouth in your earnest efforts to keep it there. e has, in the last week or so, developed the ability to grab things and put them in her mouth, but lacks the dexterity to keep them there. we shake and wave and bounce and dangle olivia the owl in e’s face and she grabs at it, pulls it to her mouth then drops it and looks at us as if to say ‘…yeah? .. and?’

baby diner chair – an infa-secure addition which clips onto the bench, so instead of being in her bouncer on the floor, she is up at our level and better able to see us – a thing which you think she’d enjoy. but again with the ‘…yeah? .. and?’ face. humph. she just kicks and bounces and tries to get out of the prison like constricting contraption which was obviously created with the single purpose of making e miserable.

mirror – from the outset e let us know that being alone in the backseat was not acceptable. so someone has to sit back there with her, making our little family trips feel like a chauffeured affair. i put this mirror in my car, and as i have a bench seat hatch back making it stay still was a chore. i did it though, out of the irrational and all consuming love i have for my daughter. of course, and this is the golden rule with e, she will do (read – fall for) anything (read – trick) twice. but the third time – ha! come off it mum! what an absurd notion, see it freed from your mind post haste. previous instances include The Great Day Sleep Victory, in which evie went down for a sleep into her bassinet, whilst awake! with a lullaby playing on my phone. once, twice… nope. that’s enough ma, i’m onto you and your trickery. i’ll have a bounce and a cuddle to sleep thanks and don’t dare bump me when trying to put me down or we’ll start the whole process over again. but i digress – the mirror distracted her one car trip, then a second, then she screamed her arse off because i left her on her own in a back seat prison like torture device. i haven’t put the batteries activating the lights and sounds in yet though.

have you noticed how cruel i am to my daughter? the love of my life?

anyway the reason i came before you today was to share the chrisvember phenomenon, predominantly seen amongst parents with babies enduring their first holiday season, usually first time parents but there are always exceptions. it involves jumping the gun and giving gifts prematurely in november, expecting happiness, gratitude, uncontainable excitement! but amongst the younger being rewarded with only a fleeting interest and bewilderment. unfortunately christvember is usually invoked to begin christmas celebrations early.

it’s probably more rewarding for those with older children but for now my christmas (or christvember) is feeling pretty flat. and i think i am going to have to go shopping again.

’tis the season to be jolly! (:



I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m familiar with the concept. Initially I could blame it on having a new baby, trying to figure out a routine, all the fun stuff. But she improved. Me, not so much!
Perhaps a blessing while e has been waking up two hourly the last couple of nights. And just when I think ‘nuh-uh, somethings wrong with this girl!’ She goes and sleeps right through, leaving alex the insomniac staring at the ceiling.

I love coffee.

four months (almost).

i’ve read we’re in the midst of that longggg longgg wonder week which runs from approximately fourteen weeks till approximately nineteen.

i will begin by saying this is the most painful mental leap yet. BUT!

at some point, whether in the morning while i change the fullest nappy known to man, or in the afternoon following half a dozen attempts at resettling, evie will lock eyes with me and give the biggest gummiest grin of pure joy. times like those i forget i was up every two hours through the night.

back to my original thought (i gave warning of my scatterbrain, didnt i?) – this wonder week is tough. the three c’s – clingy, cranky, crying – are particularly tiresome. e used to be quite happy to sit in her bouncer for a while as i sped around the house trying to make it look at least a shadow of habitable. of late – scream city. and there is no middle ground of unhappiness, and this is an issue for our attempts at self settling too: she does not grizzle or grumble, she screams bloody murder and no amount of rattle shaking or dummy offering will placate. its mums arms or bust.
so i bounce, i walk, i offer boobie, i pram, i baby wear, i offer boobie, i cuddle, i offer boobie, i give panadol i give bottle i offer boobie i offer boobie i offer boobie. we change nappies and play in the jolly jumper or go for a drive so mummy can have a coffee and an excuse to get dressed for the day, then count down the minutes till papa comes home.

despite the whingeing, every day she exhibits a new behaviour. taking things in her hands and putting them in her mouth, getting vocal, so very close to rolling back to belly and crawling.

here’s hoping things improve within the sixteen days apparently still left!

info on wonder weeks is available via the website (, the novel The Wonder Weeks, and the app (iPhone or Android – The Wonder Weeks).


i’m very much an amateur. in all things, not just blogging (which i am extremely amateur at, if there can be degrees in such a thing). this year was remarkable for me in more ways than one. ’13 – unlucky for some but arguably the best year of my life. i’ll admit there were times when i definitely did not believe this to be the case; many a sleepless night was had, along with life altering decision making and heartwrenching consequences.

as things stand

– i am twenty-two years old,

-in love twice over,

-with one semester of psychology under my belt,

-having lived in the most beautiful part of australia,

-i’m back where it all began and questioning every single thing over and again.

but my daughter is beautiful, my partner is kind, and my family is near.

thus, here lie my amateurish ramblings, vague and likely indeterminable, but organised, documented and painfully accessable on the interwebs.