You know what really grinds my gears?

I have been trying to articulate this post for weeks, and any other writing has taken a back seat as a result.
Unfortunately I’m never happy with a finished draft so I scrap it and tell myself to move on.

I am not in the least an expert on feminism but to me – choice, respect and equality.

And few things grate me the wrong way as a woman making the rest of us look bad.
Don’t use tears as weapons – the novelty wears thin and to use them to manipulate men especially is so vile I could flick somebody’s nose. There’s an >18% wage gap because of things like this.

But another point that I think is holding us back is judging one another. Bette Midler made some pretty accurate points about Ariana Grande a couple weeks back, and I was shocked and impressed and warm and fuzzy feminist-ed to see Ariana’s response.

Everyone’s going to do some shitty things and we don’t all have to be pals braiding each other’s hair and painting our nails, but on the whole… The freedom to make our own choices, the respect given in support of them, and the same expectations of us as of men. Sans judgement.

I’m not even happy with this summation, but if I don’t get it out of my system it will fester and corrode my insides.
Love for the ladies, y’all.



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