This restricted internet caper is pure rubbish.

My phone is dead.

Cant get landline broadband here.

Prepaid broadband is RIDICULOUSLY expensive for so little data.

Real estate agent is so slack I can’t even find the correct expletives to use.

The hospitality industry is a cruel mistress to be tied to.

No community run playgroup and I know a grand total of zero young hot thangs with children of their own that we can meet up with at the beach whilst I sit in the shade in my oversized tee so I don’t burn my sallow skin or reveal the jelly belly I’m sporting.

Incidentally, am I the only person who finds it perversely false to declare anyone wearing clothes of any nature are “rocking” whichever rag they’re in? I digress.

No playgroup = no playmates for leaf. I dont want to leave her with strangers at daycare, but mayhaps it would be beneficial?




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